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tips for visually curating your brand

tips for visually curating your brand


design your workspace to match your branding colors for a cohesive look. If you sell products style them using colors within your palette as backdrops or props 

What you wear

Wear your brand colors when you are working and when being photographed professionally. Your online presence will become memorable when you hone in on a style.

Sharing images

when sharing images received from professional photographers on collab projects, always pull out the images that match your brand colors

  • power suit

  • track suit

  • neon

  • fringe

  • sequins

  • monochromatic

  • velvet

  • leather

  • Denim

  • blazer

  • jumpsuit

  • graphic tee

  • solid colors

what to wear...

comfort meets style

You can stay within your personal style but elevate the look! Be stylish but comfortable so you are not constantly self aware that something has to keep being adjusted :)

Beauty Services

I always encourage makeup and a hairstyle that matches your outfit. A pop of lip color can do magical things on camera too. Makeup setting spray (especially on warmer days) and hairspray (especially on windy days) is a yes!

What to bring

Large bags/backpacks/totes and tubs/boxes/crates is usually the best option to pack for a branding session. We can chat about what you need exactly for your individual session and if your location is at my studio I do I have a rack for hanging clothing items and a table for you to spread everything out so we can visualize.

  • studio

  • office

  • home

  • workspace

  • on the job

  • event venue

  • Mural

  • museum

  • library

  • greenhouse

  • garden

  • rooftop

  • coffee shop

product styling

clothing ideas

location ideas

some acessories

  •  sunglasses
  • hats & caps
  • leather jacket
  • Denim jacket
  • earrings
  • necklaces
  • bracelets
  • hair clips
  • belts
  • wacth
  • scarf
  • bags
  • styling surfaces
  • office supplies
  • balloons
  • signs 
  • rugs
  • mugs
  • books
  • records
  • pillows 
  • jewelry
  • chairs
  • plants

pro tips

What should I do with my hands?

The goal is to never leave your hand dangling next to your side awkwardly so I suggest putting your hands in pockets, holding onto your jacket, holding a dress to the side, brushing your hair away, touching the tip of our hat, adjusting your glasses, placing your hand under you chin or resting it against your side.


posing tips

Always slightly lean your head + neck forward towards the camera when facing it from the front or side. Don't scrunch back when you smile or to make your face closer to someone else. The goal is to feel flexible for more photos options. so don't wear anything that is too tight, needs constant adjustments or is not comfortable to move around in.

How to look and feel your best

It's all about your mindset and knowing your personal preferences, but also please know that I got you! I am confident in my ability to direct people into flattering poses! Practicing in a mirror is helpful and communicating with me is helpful because being overly critical and hyper-focusing on insecurities can be eased with an open line of communication. It is normal and natural to be critical of our own appearance in photos and we are often not used to see so many different angles of our faces and bodies.  We all love flattering photos where we think “dang I look good” and my goal is to give you that!

how to make it perfect

An open line of communication! I do everything in my power to create amazing imagery. You are hiring me for a reason and I want you to have the best experience! If there is something that you are concerned about before or during the session please just open up and tell me so I can be mindful of that detail. 

set your tone

Make your session the highlight of your day! Unless it is a morning session then don't run a bunch of errands and pack your day full. You can set the tone by being relaxed, allowing enough time to get ready and be prepared as you possibly can be.